Hey everyone!

I am new to blogging but I hope to use this blog as a informative, fun & motivational site for everyone. I am a personal fitness trainer from Jackson, Wy. I love anything outdoors and have a passion for nutritious food, horseback riding and working out. I will be sharing lots of recipes on my site as well as workouts, motivational stories and plenty of humor.

I am mom to a beautiful baby girl, Raelyn, who is changing me for the better everyday. As well as being mom, I work full time in Jackson as an administrative assistant for the county fair. Luckily I get to take Raelyn to work with me!

I am that crazy mom who says her child will never eat refined sugar, enriched flour or lab processed foods. Lets be honest, we can all dream!! I do my best to eat clean. No, I personally do not eat enriched bleached flour and I do my best to stay away from refined sugar, but ice cream gets me every time! I am real, I make mistakes but I do my best everyday! I am a busy mom who likes to get three workouts in a day and spend lots of time with my amazing family.

This blog will be an honest look into my daily life and is meant to get other women outside, moving, eating right and most importantly, confident in their own skin!


Anne Nicole


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