Getting Going

Hello everyone!

It’s morning, I need coffee and my baby is waking up early! It is ok though, I already got in my morning workout (find out what I did at the end of this entry) and I am ready to take on this day. Life as a busy mom can be stressful but I try to just go one step at a time, until I get spit up on, then I generally get a little stressed!

As you will notice, all of my morning workouts consist of strength exercises. I do this for one reason, my house has very noisy wood floors and any type or jumping or moving too quick will wake my baby. Simple as that! I can usually get in cardio during my lunch break from work or after work.

Today and everyday “eat like you love yourself, move like you love yourself, speak like you love yourself, act like you love yourself” you might find out that you actually love yourself!! Be happy in who you are and proud of your hardwork. As we go through this journey (my blog) together, do not be afraid to be a little arrogant! If you got in a great workout, post it up on Facebook or instagram. Tell my about it in the comments, ask for direction, brag up what you have done! You will feel accomplished and maybe inspire others. Those who do not want to see it are just jealous or your dedication! Do things that make you feel good and it will be easier to love others.

My Morning so far:

start with 10 reps at set 1, then 9 reps, 8 reps and so on thill you get to 1.

first set: 20 spider planks (I do 20 every set), 20 hip thrusts, 10 laying leg lifts, 10 calf raises in sumo squat, 10 sumo squats.

Second set: 20 spider planks, 19 hip thrusts, 9 laying leg lifts, 9 calf raises in sumo squat, 9 sumo squats

so on and so forth till you get to one rep.

Once I have complete I always get in some stretching and a few yoga poses!!

Have a positive day, more to come later on,

Anne Nicole


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