A little about the goods, dirty girls and the clean life

Lets be honest….. I like to eat.

IMG_2864Breakfast I am eating this morning

I think we all enjoy a good meal, snack, bedtime snack….after breakfast snack….lunch snack….midnight snack…. If you are like me, you enjoy all of the above, on a regular basis. It is ok! The hard part is what you are eating.

“you can workout till you pass out but it will not get you anywhere if you have a dirty diet”

Diet is all about overcoming those nasty thoughts in your head that want cake and chips. Once you learn to overcome your own inside enemy, you can have complete control over your body. Tomorrow I will discuss this in more detail.

I have a few rules that I like to follow for eating clean. My clients all get a set of these rules when they begin with me. Now I am that girl that normally says rules are meant to be broken, but these are like the golden rules! These rules are not meant to be broken ladies! Imagine having six pack abs, clear skin and glowing hair next time you want to break one of these! (these rules alone will not get you those items but breaking these rules will get you just the opposite, i.e.: beer belly, acne and brittle hair and nobody wants that!!) So here they are:

1. Drink half you body weight in ounces of water everyday! (if you weight 150, drink 75 ounces)

2. Stay away from soda. Soda kills your endurance, has no nutritional value and can not be made without a lab equipment. Soda is a caloric dense food with no value to it. Just don’t do it!

3. Keep white food off your plate. White bread, white pasta, white potatoes, white rice and so on. white foods generally are very calorie dense with little nutritional value. “the whiter the bread the quicker your dead” Bleached enriched flours should not be a staple in anyones diet. Metabolically, a bowl of sugar and a piece of white bread are the same to the body.

4. Eat Breakfast. Do it! this is not negotiable!

5. Eat every 2-3 hours. Don’t let yourself get to the point of hangry!  If you are anything like me, the claws come out when you are hungry. No body likes a hungry girl and you are more likely to binge on dirty foods. Keep your metabolism working and your snacks healthy all day long.

6. Just eat REAL food!! Eat something you can read all the ingredients of, something that is colorful, fresh and smells nice. Eat food with expiration dates that this year. Your body will be thanking you! Try to be 85% clean and 15%birthday parties and family get togethers

These are my rules for living the clean life. Don’t be a dirty girl!! Dirty girls workout and eat dirty foods. Their bodies crave nutrients some veggies. Dirty girls don’t get six packs 😉

It is another great day for a positive life. “Once you can control your mind you can conquer your body”


Anne Nicole


My lunch yesterday!! Spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cranberries, carrots, red pepper, elk steak, balsamic


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