Off on a jet plane

imageI’m about to get on an airplane for the first time with baby. Please o please let her be a good traveler!! I don’t want to be that mom everyone is staring at like, “hey lady make it stop”

on the bright side, going through security I was behind a woman with four boys all under six. This made me feel better about traveling with my one baby.

So here’s to quick flights and happy kids today!

Us busy moms usually have the best of intentions of getting everything done, being on time, and looking gorgeous while doing it. Today I had every intention of getting in a quick workout before heading to the airport. 4:30 came very quick today! Needless to say it was either miss my flight or miss my workout 😕 and I am on my plane! I still feel like an accomplished momma this morning, getting a baby through security was almost like a workout!!

Mind over matter, I will not beat myself up for missing a few squats. My diet is on track and my baby is happy. Like I mentioned yesterday, once you control your mind you can conquer your body. This becomes especially true when we deal with diet and fitness. If we can keep those sugar brats in our heads quiet, we can control what we eat and how much. We can also control how we feel about our own bodies. It’s never good to beat yourself up over the little things.

We must wake up everyday and train our minds like we would our bodies. Tell yourself this day will be good. Tell yourself today you will eat clean. Tell yourself you are beautiful. Once we enter the positive life, it’s hard to get out. You will notice that once you begin to take over your mind eating clean will seem easier, you will feel more at ease and joy will seep into your daily life. Our minds are the most powerful tool we have in our health journey.

Go ahead, tell yourself your pretty. You and only you can control the way you feel about your body and your health journey.


Anne Nicole


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