Day 2: Off on a jet plane

mmmmmmm………Deep breath momma!

Yesterday I made it through security, Got on my plane, Raelyn was hungry, we were ready for takeoff!I called Tyler and told him we were on our way! However, we never made it out of Jackson. We could not fly into Denver so our flight was delayed at least 6 hours. The airline company gladly told me I could be on standby for a midnight flight to Amarillo, If we ever got to Denver. I didn’t want to get stuck in Denver overnight with Raelyn, So we fly out today instead!

I have to say a huge thank you to all the fellow moms who offered to hold raelyn while I went to restroom or offered to buy me lunch or just offered support! Only another mom knows what it is like to be a mom. This was my first (attempted) journey with baby and I was amazed at the how nice other moms were.

That begin said, do something nice today for a stranger!

blog pic

On the good side of my day yesterday, I got to spend my afternoon hiking with Raelyn and Reba (my dog). We came home from the airport all stressed and headed up the mountain for some relaxation. You would be amazed at how much a good sweat will do you for! On the weekends I like to take a break from my usual morning and lunch workouts and get outside hiking, running, and exploring instead. This keeps me motivated to keep going and keeps my thoughts positive about working out. I love to get outside and lose myself in the mountains.

I know some of you do not live where it is so easy to go hiking though. So here is a weekend warrior workout just for fun. Get some friends together and do this one!

Get a deck of cards. YOu will do 3 sets (three times through the deck)

#1:Hearts: jumping jacks Diamonds: push-ups Spades: Plank (hold for 5 sec. per#, ie: 5=25 seconds) Club: Tricep dips

#2: Hearts: Burpees Diamonds: Curtsey Lunges Spades: Reverse crunches Club: leg lifts

#3 Hearts: Mtn. Climbers Diamonds: Squats Spades:Russian Twists Club:hip thrusts

Ready go!!


Anne Melsaether


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