Health on the go

back at the airport today, headed back to wyo after an amazing week in Okimagelahoma with Tyler.

All this travel has tested my healthy eating, especially the days spent in the airports. So today I am compiling my list of healthy eats to bring on the plane and another list of healthy eats to purchase at the airport.

To pack snacks:

1. Sliced apples, oranges, bananas – quick energy and easy to eat on the go

2. Plain almonds, cashews, pecans – though high in calories, these are very nutrient dense

3. Sliced veggies- always a great option! Healthy, nutrient dense and low calorie

4. Popcorn – low cal, not messy and clean.

5. Cheese sticks – good protein for travel

6. Sliced chicken or turkey – not lunch meat, the real thing!! Add some hummus, mustard or avocado for an awesome snack!

7. My energy granola bites – recipe below!!

8. Berries – I like to mix blueberries, raspberries and blackberries

And a list of good purchase snacks!

1. Lean jerky – great protein

2. Plain nuts – watch portion sizes, most packages have several servings so share!!

3. Greek yogurt – can be found in most airport snack bars

4. Fruit cups

5. Dried fruit – check for added sugar

6. Lean meat and cheese – go to a sandwich place and have one made with just meat and cheese, no bread or whole wheat bread. Mustard is a great clean additive!

7. Hard boiled eggs – if you ask a lot of delis have these!

8. Go to a frozen yogurt place, skip the yogurt and fill your cup with berries and raw nuts

It’s not hard to stay on track on the go! Sometimes you just have to look harder for eats! I like to keep a small jar of nut butter with me to dunk veggies and fruit in too!

I also go through security with an empty water bottle and fill it up somewhere by the gates. I always have water with me!! Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do for your body. Some airports even have free water bottle fill stations.

Today going through the airport I even snuck in a few sets of squats, calf raises and lunges with baby strapped to me! 😉

Safe and healthy travels!

Energy granola:

1/4 cup nut butter

3/4 cup old fashioned oats or steel cut

2TBS flax meal

2TBS chia seeds

Mix together and form balls or just eat with a spoon ( this is what I like to do). May be kept at room temp or frozen. Personally I like it frozen!


Anne Nicole


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  1. Sounds like my travel pack. I’ll add goji berries and dried blueberries and apples to my nut mix. I dried my own blueberries last year (organic ones I bought 40# of) – I can see why dried blueberries are so expensive!


    1. How did you dry the blueberries? I would love to have some on hand!! I also love goji berries in my oatmeal in the morning!


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