I am Capable

  Oh Friday, I am so happy you are here! Two days of hiking, riding my horses, hanging out in the sun and great eats await!

But First, I have to make it to 5:00. I woke up late this morning, still rocking yesterdays sweaty hair, my baby is teething (does that even happen at 2.5 months?!? This momma is not ready) and I am way behind at work.

On the plus side, It is gorgeous outside, my coffee was delicious, I get to hike after work AND I am Strong, I am Capable and I am powerful!

I am able to take on this day and come out on the positive side. Every morning I like to tell my self these three things (I am strong, I am capable and I am powerful). This sets my mood for the day and helps me to stay on track.

One of the most important things that I explain to my fitness clients is that they have to have a daily positive attitude. I tell them they have to believe in what they are doing or they will not see results. I think the mind is one of our most powerful tools when It comes to health and fitness. Belief in ourselves must come before we can support others. I know my family is much happier, healthier and organized when I am positive.

So here is to all you strong, capable, powerful souls!! May your weekend be awesome and your workouts be tough.

Below I added a clean recipe for stuffed sweet potatoes and a quick workout!


Anne Nicole

Stuffed sweet Potatoes:

2 Medium sized sweet potatoes

1 Organic Chicken Breast

1 Zucchini

10 Mushrooms

8 oz. black beans

3/4 c. cooked wild rice

salt & pepper

red pepper flakes (optional)

Any other seasoning that may suit your fancy!

No added sugar BBQ sauce, optional

1. Bake the Sweet poatoes at 400 till soft (30-40 mins)

2. In the meantime, Grill the chicken, zucchini and mushrooms. Heat the black beans. Cook your rice.

3. Cut the cooked sweet potatoes down them middle length wise and scoop out the inside with a spoon, be careful to leave the skin intact. dice the chicken, zucchini and mushrooms.

4. combine the sweet poatoe, chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, black beans, rice and seasoning.

5. spoon the mixture back into the potatoe skins and top with a little spicy BBQ. Enjoy!!


6 sets of the following:

12 leg raises, 50 plank leg raises, 10/side curtsey lunges, 10 v-in crunches.

(this one is quick and dirty, I do it in the morning before my day begins)


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