Is it a gift to your husband to look good on his arm?


Father’s Day. Seeing as I have not been with my dad on Fathers Day since I was 5 I am not quite sure what to do on this day. This year is so different for me, Having my own little munchkin means celebrating Father’s Day. One problem, Daddy is at the farm and we are in Wyo….

It is bittersweet, I have the most amazing Fiance who is the best dad to our little girl. I feel guilty not having Raelyn with him on this day. It is his first fathers Day. We are going to make the best of it though! Last week when we were together We gave him some hand painted mugs with handprints and all (I love cheesy crafts like that)!

So today we are celebrating from afar! Happy Fathers day to all the amazing fathers out there! I have many men who have been fathers to me and they all deserve the best today! Ladies, Cook them something yummy, spoil them with love and take them to do their favorite things! He is some ideas for a great fathers day!

1. Go on a family hike

2. Wash dads vehicle for him

3. Cook him all his favorites

4. watch his favorite movies

5. Grill out with the family

6. buy him a 6 pack and let him enjoy

7. All of the above

Baby and I will be riding our horses today, roping and enjoying a nice morning jog. As you all have picked up on, I like to stay active. I Won’s sugar coat it, I like to look good on my man’s arm. Today’s workout is for him, I like it when he takes me out and shows me off as a beautiful mom. And Honestly, I think he likes it when I look good on his arm. I workout for me but I also do it for him. Tyler loves me unconditionally (he even told me I was pretty at 10 months pregnant, in his t-shirt, ratty hair and hairy legs!!) But I do think it is nice for him to have a fit mom by his side. He likes it when his friends ask how I got so fit after baby.

So ladies, is it a gift to him to keep yourself in shape??


Anne Nicole

Below is one of my Fiance’s favorite summer recipes! Great for a BBQ!

Daddy’s favorie Pasta Salad

Whole Wheat pasta, cooked and cooled

cherry tomatoes

black olives

cubed mozzarella cheese

Parmesan cheese

Salami cubed

green peppers

Italian Salad Dressing

Mix all ingredients together, chill, serve.

(there is no measurements cause I just toss it all together. measure as you like).


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