Guilty Pleasure?

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It’s Hump Day! My workout is complete, my coffee is hot and my baby is smiling! This week is flying by, we are crammed at work and I am headed to a barrel race this weekend with my mom. I can’t believe it is already mid week! I have been thinking a lot about nutrition this week and it brings me to a secret that I must let you all in on.

I have this little guilty pleasure that you should know about. I have had it for awhile now, I am a complete nerd but….. I love watching health food documentaries! (maybe not so guilty, but pleasurable).

My all time favorite one is Fed Up! I could literally watch that movie 100 times and never get sick of it. I have even sat at home on a Saturday night and taken notes over it. I said i was a nerd!  It gets me all antsy and fired up. The message is something I wish every person could understand and clearly see in their daily lives.

Instead of saying, “kids need to move more” or, “Kids need to eat 5 servings of vegetables” This movie says to “EAT REAL FOOD”

There is no truer statement when it comes to child wellness.

It makes so much sense to me that the partnerships talked about in this film are overtaking our food industry. The industry as a whole sees our nation going in a healthier direction and is trying to keep their ‘foods’ on the shelves. I highly highly recommend watching this film, especially if you are a parent of young kids.

Raising kids in today’s world is scary. There is highly processed ‘foods’ and refined sugars in over 60% of the items at the store. Fun fact: did you know there is added sugar in most infant formulas?? Industry wants to get them addicted early on!

Go home, watch this! It is on Netflix.

Bottom line in my book is to eat real food. Eat food that you can grow yourself, hunt yourself or make out of homegrown items.

Here are my guidelines for food:

1. If it was made in a lab, it’s a no.

2. If it has an expiration date that is not this year, it’s a no.

3. If it has enriched, bleached, enhanced anything, it’s a no.

4. if it has added refined sugar, it’s a no (learn the sneaky names for sugar, there is about 100 different names for refined white sugar!)

5. If you can grow it yourself, it’s yes

6. If it has all ingredients that you can pronounce and you know what they are (that do not fall in the above categories), it’s a yes.

7. If is expires this year, can mold and will rot (and does not fall in the above categories), it’s yes.

For kid’s today, the most important thing they can do for their health is to EAT REAL.

Parents take time to make your kids home cooked (or even better home grown) meals. Pack their lunches for school so you know what they are consuming, get them started healthy early on! Grow a garden with your children, or for yourself.

I could go on all day, another day I will go more in depth.

Have a fabulous Healthy REAL day!


Anne Nicole


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