Eating for your body Type

Being a person who is in the fitness industry, people always feel the need to talk about how they are dieting or working out around me. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind this! I actually find it rather interesting hearing about what people are doing to shape up. I hear a lot of, “I went to the store and bought all reduced fat and low cal. foods!” (Not Good, but that’s for another blog!) “I ate only salad for 3 days now” (again not good), or “I am not eating any carbs”

All of these things are glorified in the health industry that prays on un-educated consumers. There had to be atleast 10 false fitness/health/get skinny posts for every 1 that is true. So watch out folks, not everything you see or read is true or will work for your body type!

While speaking of body types, each of us needs to understand that not all bodies react the same way to the same foods and workouts. Some people can eat and eat and never gain an ounce (my fiance is one of these people, not gonna lie it makes me jealous!) while other people look at a cookie and gain weight. People must realize the process is different for everyone.

There are three main body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorphs.

Ectomorphs are those people who can eat a whole pizza and still fit in their size zero jeans. They tend to have longer, narrow limbs with less fat storage.

Mesomorphs are those of us who can get by with watching what we eat, working out once in a while and still fit in our average size clothes. Mesomorphs tend to be thicker than ectomorphs, larger boned, trim waist, broader shoulders but still have controlled body fat.

Endomorphs are those of us who look at the cake and gain weight. Endomorphs are larger bodied than mesomorphs, curvier, larger bone structure and have increased body fat percentages.


When it comes to the ever popular (or not so popular) carbohydrate, I believe that eliminating them is never a good idea. Instead, just learn when is best for your body type to eat them.

Ectomorphs have an excellent carb tolerance. It is suggested for ectomorphs to eat carbs (sugary carbs) after each exercise session. At every other meal, starchy, unprocessed and whole grain carbs can/should be consumed. I also would say for an ectomorph to eat a 3:1 veggie to fruit ratio.

Mesomorphs tend to have a moderate carb tolerance. Sugary carbs should be consumed ONLY during or after exercise. All other carbs should be eaten at breakfast and after exercise. veggies and fruits are suggested to be consumed in a 4:1 ratio.

Endomorphs tend to have the poorest carb tolerance of all body types. It is suggested that all starchy and sugary carbs should be consumed ONLY during or after exercise. vaggies and fruit in a 5:1 ratio and should be eaten at each meal that is not immediately after exercise.

These are great guidelines to follow when planning/prepping meals. Of course, take into account what your goals are and what you want to gain from the nutrients you are consuming.

As always, choose nutrient dense!


Anne Nicole


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