Food Intolerance……Need some feedback!!

The weekend is here and I am so excited to get to spend it with family. It is going to be a beautiful weekend in the valley!

Lately my workouts have been on point and my diet has been great. My problem now is Food Intolerance. I have dealt with food intolerance since I was little but ever since I had my baby three months ago they have been progressively getting worse. Has this happened to anyone else?

I have to be very very careful of what I eat. If I get into any type of wheat, egg, banana or walnut I get this feeling that my stomach is on fire! I get bloated and very uncomfortable. There is also something else giving me the same feeling but I haven’t figured out what it is yet. It seems like everyday I am discovering something else that is making me sick.

Has anyone else had these problems after pregnancy or just in general? I would love to hear from you all! What are you doing to keep your allergies in check? What do you do if you get into something your intolerant of……..besides just wait it out (that’s what I do).

THanks for all the help,


Anne Nicole


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  1. brainsnfeet says:

    Hey Nicole – some people might think this is a little bit of a drag but keeping a food journal has helped me figure out some of my digestive mysteries. It takes some discipline because you really want to capture everything about your environment too – are you stressed or tired, what topics/issues are you dealing with, what you’re thankful for in the day or maybe not so much, digestive activity. Writing it down brings awareness. Your body is still rebuilding from all its been through. It sounds like your gut bacteria are a little out of whack. There are tons of probiotics out there that can help with that.


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