Morning Workout

  It’s MONDAY!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend filled with friends, laughter and fitness! I was fortunate enough to get in two great hikes this weekend. The weather was beautiful here in the Hole.

I woke up this morning at 5 like I always do and headed to the living room for my morning workout (posted at the bottom of this blog). As I began my sets of planks and squats, my mind wandered off to other places. I was thinking about my upcoming wedding, my baby begin 3 months old today and day dreaming about various things. All the while I was counting reps and keeping track of sets in my mind. It was around my 5th set that I realized this is why I love my morning workout! It is my time to get completely lost and detach from the world. I don’t have to consciously think about any one thing, I can let my mind wander to where ever it seems to go and just enjoy the break.

It amazes me that our minds have the capability to keep track of sets and reps subconsciously while also day dreaming of other things. Our minds are the most powerful tool that we have. My workout this morning was good for my body but my mind vacation was good for my soul. Remember that your soul needs just as much training as your body. Looking good on the outside makes me feel amazing but being content with my inside is like the cherry on top!

Have a wonderful Monday!!


Anne Nicole

Today’s workout:

7 sets of the following:

30 Plank side dips, 30 hip thrusts (one leg at a time), 10 laying leg raises, 15 sumo squats (raising toes between each).

Quick and easy at home workout for anyone who wants to get a great start to their day!


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  1. Very well said! The mind has limitless capabilities indeed.


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