When you can’t breathe…

 Your gasping for air and everyone is looking at you wondering why you can’t just breathe.

Breathing is easy. We breathe from the time we enter this world till the time we pass on. We don’t even have to think about breathing, it is something we just do.

But what happens when we do think about breathing? When we start consciously keeping track of the breaths we take in? When we start to really feel how hard the body works for air? Asthma happens.

I was told I had asthma when I was 8 years old. I got put on all sorts of steroid inhalers and Prednisone. My asthma was allergy induced by horses. Of course I grew up in a rodeo family and for me quitting was not an option. When I told the Doctor this, he looked me in the face and said, “you wont live to see your 18th birthday if you keep riding” He was 100% right! I was not going to live to see many more birthdays if I kept doing what he told me was right. I went on with the same Dr. till I was 19 and dying.

I could not be away from my nebulizer for more than 2 hours, My skin would not heal a cut, my balance was gone, I was sick on the couch. The doctor suggested me taking more prednisone and adding more drugs to my nebulizer.

The asthma was not killing me, the drugs from my doctor were killing me.

After yet another night in the ER, I was fed up! My mom found an alternative Dr. and off we went the next morning.

And so began my life of really living! Within 10 weeks I went from 10 nebulizer treatments a day, enough Prenisone to kill a horse, 3 or 4 antihistamines, and wearing face masks to ride my horse to NO nebulizer, no steroids, no antihistamines and no face masks!!

I am here and ever after a firm believer in alternative healing. I will not allow myself to be deceived by another Dr. who is getting kickbacks from drug companies. I will never again take drugs that debilitate my body to the point of no immune system, no strength and no balance. I will never again poison myself with inhaler shots. Drug companies and the doctors who use them are cruel. The whole cycle of buying drugs, making drugs, selling drugs is cruel! My daughter will never see a doctor who suggests that steroids are the only way to keep her alive.

Wake up people! As with the food industry and obese kids, it is the same with drug companies and our health.

How can we be healthy when we are getting stuffed full of chemicals and poisons?

I am proof that there is other options, healthier options!!

I went to the West Clinic in Pocatello, Idaho and saw Dr. Jason West and Dr. Hollingsworth. Watch the movie ‘Doctored’, watch ‘Fed Up’ and come the realization that what we are taught is sometimes not the best option!

Feel free to ask me more about my journey!!


Anne Nicole


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  1. theleonb says:

    I love this story! I had really bad asthma growing up to and was pumped full of the same stuff. I gained so much weight and still couldn’t breathe. My lungs needed conditioning not steroids. I joined the Army and ran harder, longer and pushed myself. I only do my inhalers when I have bronchitis or really sick. Now, we reduce to more natural options in all things. I started using these all natural hygiene products from perfectly posh and never felt better, cleaner and overall happier. Great pairing with natural food!



    1. That’s great!! I love hearing success stories like this! I will check out those products!


      1. theleonb says:

        Yea, I made rule number one of my healthy living is to take time to myself and pamper myself! I just hate all the chemicals that we introduce to our bodies. So I found these products and they are fantastic! It is sad that we put our lives in the hands of doctors who see only a paycheck looking in our files. Makes me want to be a doctor. If only I had the stomach for it!


  2. What a journey! Well done! It IS cruel that an average Dr exploits our vulnerability like that. Good that you can give your daughter a much better life though. How is your asthma now?


    1. My asthma is almost non existent. I am now 23 and still working with the West Clinic. I can’t explain how great life is when you are healthy!

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