In need of a good read and some willpower

I read a post yesterday that inspired me to write down my July goals. So here they are my goals for this month; hold me accountable, ask me how I am doing, and make your own! 

1. Stretch everyday

2. Eat treats only on Fridays or Saturdays

3. Keep my nutrition on track. As a breastfeeding mom, this is very important to me! Last month was my first month back home and I slipped up more than I would like but I don’t regret it. I am in no need of losing weight and I still met my June goals. However, I can do better! Nutrition is my key to success. 

4. Do something active everyday! (I already do this but I like to keep reminding myself how important it is)

5. Read a good book – I need suggestions!! I am all out of good books!

6. No alcohol all month (I did this last month and succeeded!)

So there you have it! 6 goals for this month. It is always important to keep pushing yourself and go beyond your limits. What are your goals This month?? I would love to hear them and help you reach them!! 


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  1. theleonb says:

    I don’t know what books you like but here are a list of some of my favorites!!!!
    1. Until the end of the world : I HATE zombies but these are some mighty fine books. PLus the author is really nice.

    2. CINDER: Great futuristic, technology twist on known fairy tales.

    3. Maze runner: really good, well written and fantastic

    4. Uglies: good book. The 4th book in my opinion is optional.

    5. white girl problems followed by Physco: great comical read. Cute

    6. Maybe not: romance good read

    7. Maybe someday: Same author as maybe not… very similar. One of these is really short.

    8. DIvergent: obviously lol

    7. Hunger games: obviously lol

    8. The immortal circus is a good one too.

    OK anyways. HOpefully some of these help 🙂


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