Granola Anyone?

Coffee. I need more coffee.

Woke up late, got in a quick but short workout.  After yesterday saying how I have got up and worked out everyday, I must have jinxed myself! I plan to do the rest of my workout tonight before bed. I was going to make some homemade granola this morning before work but with being late and all that didn’t happen. It may be a good thing though because now I have all day to get everyone’s input on granola. (exciting, I know!)

What is your favorite go-to granola recipe? I would love to hear your recipes so I can go home and try them out! I will let you all know tomorrow how this goes!

I will be making mine sugar free due to allergies, so I may tweak some recipes.

I will take any suggestions you have!!


Anne Nicole

My (half) workout this morning: Plan was to do 10 sets but I only got in 4.

30 spider plank, 10/side curtsey lunges, 10 tricep dips, 10 laying leg raises.


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