And so it begins

Yay for Monday!

I am feeling amazing this morning! I went all out on my workout this morning and the sweat on my face was just what I needed to start this week. This weekend was just what I needed to recharge before my life gets crazy busy. I went to sushi with my Godsister on Friday night and had a bridal shower/bachelorette party Saturday for my Cousin. I definitely needed the girl time! My Godsister is my maid of honor and has been amazing helping me with my wedding planning!

So on to reset this week! I help plan the county fair for my job and fair starts Friday! This mean my life will get ridiculously crazy until July 27th. Coming up on fair I always try to keep my goals on track through the craziness. This can get hard working 12-15 hour days and being around the fair environment. I am ready to take on the challenge though!

Eating fair food is not a problem for me. For one I am allergic to most of it and for two I am not a fan of fried food. Point for me! However, I tend to get so busy during the day at fair that I don’t eat. Point for the fair! As I am trying to gain muscle, this really messes up my goals. So here is how I am going to stay on track! Please people, hold my accountable!

1. I am camping at the fair in my trailer, so I will have to fridge fully stocked with healthy snacks! Lots of nuts, nut butter, apples, veggies, fruit, cheese, granola and meat!

2. Since I am still breastfeeding, I have to take 15 minutes every three hours to pump milk. This is a perfect time to grab a quick snack at the trailer.

3. My Fiance will also be here to help with the baby. That alone is huge!

4. Since Tyler will be here, I will be able to take time in the mornings to get in a quick workout while he has the baby.

5. I have three water bottles. One to have on my desk, one for the trailer and anther one to have floating around just in case.

Wish me luck these next two weeks!


Anne Nicole


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