My Morning Thing (workout)

Good Morning World! Wanna know what i woke up to? Here it is:

10 sets: 30 spider planks, 10 push-ups, 10 laying leg raises, 10/side curtsy lunges

Followed by a nice 10 minutes stretching sessions with a few yoga poses.

I am completely new to Yoga and I do not know a lot of poses but I try to do a few each day because I like the clear, relaxed mind that I get from it.

Today I remind myself that I am strong! I am powerful! I am capable! I am in need of a larger arse cause my jeans are not fitting how they should! I have upped my daily caloric intake and I am increasing my glute workouts. Trust the process! I keep telling myself just to trust the process! Please extra calories go straight to my arse and not to my abs!!

I will keep you all updated on how this works!


Anne Nicole


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