Big Things are Coming


Just finished a great morning set followed by a nice long stretch. I definitely needed this after a long crazy day a work yesterday and more crazy days to come!

It’s the weekend! Tyler and baby are still peacefully snoozing and I am preparing some yummy breakfast for them and grandma. (Blueberry scones and ham for them, granola and ham for me). I am so blessed to have my fiance here for the next two weeks to help me while fair is going on. He has been in Oklahoma on the farm harvesting and planting while I have been working my summer job in wyoming. THis lifestyle is hard for us but we both have a strong desire to work our jobs and be with our families as much as possible. Since I live in Oklahoma all winter away from my family it is nice to spend my summer in wyo with them. Tyler and I both support each other whole heartedly and we make it work, thats what matters.

Since joining wordpress, I have had a strong desire to help everyone I see who is starting a health journey, struggling through one or wanting to begin one. I have always wanted to help people in this way but I feel it now more than ever. If I Could have Chris and Heidi Powell’s job I would be the happiest girl around! I have helped clients in the past to lose weight and most importantly live a healthy lifestyle but I am wanting to do more, on a larger scale.

My mind is filled with great ideas and dreams of being able to help people on the scale that Chris and Heidi do. One person at a time. One journey. One life. I think If I could transform one person I would fill that need that I have to help someone in that way.

Everyone of us has desires in our hearts and I hope that all of you follow yours. I have been struggling lately to follow mine and I am not putting up with it. It is time for me to do something I really want to do. Like I have said before, the soul must be content and the heart on the same page as the mind to see results.

There is so much more to come from me. Stay tuned!


Anne Nicole


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  1. kbug66 says:

    Have a wonderful day and can’t wait to see what’s next. Keep it up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I look forward to more inspiring thoughts. Keep up the good work!


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