I am up early and at work, making coffee, prepping for a meeting and our first big fair night event (a monster truck show). I am obviously doing more blogging than any of the above mentioned items but hey, a girls gotta do something for herself every morning 😉

I am thinking back on my July goals this morning and proud to say they are coming along well.

1. Stretch – I have stretched everyday this month and it feels AH-MAZING! I like to stretch in the mornings after my workout. This keeps my brain happy and stress free. I highly recommend finding time to stretch everyday.

2. Only have treats on the weekends – Since I also figured out I had a food intolerance to yeast this month, This is going very well. My diet is 98% clean now and I can’t cheat cause I get sick. Being allergic to yeast I am unable to consume and yeast products or foods that feed yeast (sugar, or anything that quickly metabolizes to sugar).

3. Keep my Nutrition on Track – As mentioned above, this is going great! I feel so energized and proud for eating this healthy. I took my fiance to the store with me last night (I never do this! We end up buying cookies and chips and crap) and he even was helping me pick out organic, natural items that are clean foods. We are camping in our trailer this week at my office since we live about 30 minutes away and I have to be here from 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and so we are eating from the camper. I am so glad last night when we could go to the store together and purchase clean, healthy items that we can both eat. We got fruit, lots of veggies, turkey, chicken, brown rice wraps for me, rolls for him, organic salsa, natural peanut butter, organic milk, cheese, homemade granola, unsweet almond milk, unsweet dried mango and apples. We are on a roll!

4. Be Active Everyday – I have been active everyday this month! I have either done a workout, hiked, ran, rode the horses or any combination of the above everyday. I feel so much better about myself when I get moving everyday. While I am not trying to lose weight (actually trying to gain muscle), I have gained so much confidence from this goal!

5. Read a Book – I am currently about half way through “Little bee”. So far this book has been a good read. Not at all what I expected but still great! It is inspiring and takes you on a journey with the characters. I will give a better review once I finish it!

6. No alcohol all month – So here it is, I drank about three sips of a coconut margarita. This broke my clean diet and my no alcohol goals but I can say it was delicious! I had a we only live once moment and I do not regret it in anyway! Other than that I have been alcohol free all month long.

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. saraheklima says:

    Awesome! It always feels good to do nice, healthy things for ourselves. I’ve been making healthy changes to my diet as well and I feel good every time I make a healthier choice 🙂


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