All Food Isn’t Equal

This is a great post about the importance of real food! I highly suggest this read!

Simply Me and Jeans

The lovely lady on the front row in the pink shirt is my sweet friend Deborah.  She’s a rock IMG_0019 (1)star.  This picture was taken almost 2 years ago when she weighed 325 pounds. She now weighs 169.  Seriously!!  To me, she is the poster child for the concept that  “fitness  is  90% about diet.”  Don’t get me wrong.  She exercised even when it was difficult to walk half a mile on the treadmill but the magic bullet was her diet.  Our friends Alycia  and Jessica  were instrumental in helping her realize what food was doing to her body both in her weight as well as in various ailments and diseases that she had.  Deborah decided that her health was more important than the food that she loved and she completely changed her eating habits.

I also have a friend that was dangerously anorexic a few years back.  She, obviously, wasn’t healthy either…

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