The final countdown

This morning was a hard one. Tyler headed back to Oklahoma to the farm.  It is always hard to see him leave but knowing I will be headed here in just over a month helps. Yesterday we went to his favorite place to eat fish tacos and then on a family hike up to a hidden lake, it was the perfect last day together. Tyler and I love going on adventures together.

 We just have to attend to some final business his summer, getting married. The countdown is on. So, today I am giving you a list of fitness/health related items I will be doing to STAY in shape till my wedding. These are great for anyone who is wanting to keep results for a long period of time.

1. Drinking a lot everyday. Drinking till I can’t drink no more.This will help to keep my body happy on the inside and my skin nice and clear on the outside. (I am talking about water folks!)

2. Moving everyday. In order  to keep the results you have, you must maintain the level of work that got you there. I see a lot of people get to where they want to be and stop. This ends up in them going right back to where they started. I will continue my morning workouts (amp’ed up, they are getting too easy)  as well as add some more hiking and running this month. Changing it up is always good. I tend to get in a comfort zone and slip backwards if I do not change my workouts.

3. Eating Clean. This is a given. You all know how I feel about food. Eat REAL food people! your body will love you for it. There is no other way to eat in my book. Processed Junk should not even be sold. I’m a food nerd, I know.

4. portion control. Just because it is healthy does not mean you can gorge on it. Keep Portion control in mind and listen to your body on when to quit. eat slow, enjoy the food. I sometimes have a hard time with this. I could literally eat a whole bag of granola and not even think twice, but my body would be feeling it in a bad way! It is healthy to a certain extent, the whole bag at once is not healthy. I know, this one sucks.

5. Keep making new goals. New goals keep us motivated to continue the journey. If we have something to reach for we are more apt to go for it. When people see the results they want, they tend to stop making goals because they have met previous goals. Keep striving people! We can always improve and every goal does not have to be to lose weight! One of my goals for this month is to maintain the weight I am at now. Another one is to make it up the hill by my house in under 30 minutes. Keep pushing youself even if you are happy with where you are at, never settle!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beaufitul. I am going to reach every goal i set this month.


Anne Nicole


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