Why my baby is hiking at 4 months old

  August is one of my favorite months of the year. Here in Wyoming it is starting to cool off at night and the slight hints of autumn can be felt early in the morning. It is perfect weather for early morning runs or sitting on the porch drinking coffee. This time of year the sky is alive at night with brilliant stars and bright blue in the days. As I was feeding horses yesterday morning, I could see the moon in the sky while the sun was rising. It is very important to me to point out these things to my daughter. Even though she is young, I want her to learn to appriciate the outside world.

This weekend we hiked about 15 miles total and it felt great! My daughter came on every mile with me and she didnt cry once (granted she was in a stroller for 10 miles and a backpack for 5). I am so blessed to have her as a hiking buddy. My arse is a little sore this morning but atleast I know I did something!

I pass a lot of folks on the trails that are surprised I have my baby up in the mountains at 4 months. Most everyone tells me I am doing great for being out with her but there are a few who are down right disgusted that she is hiking with me. THis got me to thinking about why it is important to Tyler and I to have her with us outdoors.

1. It is a family thing. Family is number one and to go without her would be leaving out that element.

2. Children learn from watching. If she grows up seeing her parents active and outdoors, she too will (hopefully) realize the importance of being active and grow up to love nature.

3. My baby loves fresh air! I she is fussy or crying I take her outside and she calms down almost everytime! Something about the fresh mountain air does it for her. She also loves to be in the stroller. So long walks/runs are great for both her and I.

4. Health is important me Tyler and I. It is importnat to us to be healthy so we are around to raise our baby. We want to be able to play with her, run with her and show her all the great wonders of the world. If we are unhealthy, we can not do these things. We also want her to be healthy so she can explore with us.

5. In today’s world, I want our daughter to learn to be an advocate for fitness, health and a natural life. The only way she will learn this is through Tyler and I showing her we are advocates.

Start them young! It is never too early to be healthy, happy and hiking!

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am an advocate for fitness, health and a natural life.




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  1. onanactivemission says:

    Great post, totally agree with everything you said 🙂

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