Get Lost

“Find a Beautiful Place and Get Lost”

This is exactly what I intend to do as soon as I get off work today. My soul needs it! I am stressing and I need to go somewhere in the mountains and get lost in my imagination for awhile. For me, this is the best remedy. I love being up in the hills and letting my soul wander. It is importatnt to let our bodies decompress once in a while and forget whatever is looming over our heads.

And once I get back from getting lost I intend on making this delicious clean dish!

clean eats stir fry

1TBS coconut oil

2 chicken breast (organic)

chopped zucchini

sliced carrots

chopped, cooked sweet potato

chopped onion

1 c. chopped mushrooms

pepper, garlic, dash salt

Add oil to a pan and let it melt, add your chicken and cook untill brown on the edges. pull the chicken to make shredded chicken or chop up into bite size squares. Add in the zucchini, carrots, onion, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. cook till everything is soft, and smelling delicious! (cooking times vary, I like my veggies a little crispy so I cook it less).

Once it is done, put it in a bowl and enjoy! I like to add either dijon mustard or spicy organic BBQ to mine.

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am getting lost.


Anne Nicole


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  1. I love nature when you want to “get lost” it’s so relaxing and therapeutic haha, lovely post!


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