Today is Bridal Shower day

Today is my bridal shower. What the heck am I going to wear? Since Nike spandex and running shoes isn’t appropriate maybe I will search my closet for the one or two elusive summer dresses I own. I may even bust out the curling iron but I may have to dust it first!

If it continues to rain I will be doing a little in the living room workout with a deck of cards with morning.

Hearts: Squats, Diamonds:Spider Planks, Clubs: Burpees, Spades: glute bridges

If it stops raining I am headed out an a 5 mile hike!

A little sweat is sure to make me sparkly all day! I know it will make my mood a little sparklier.

I am so blessed to have a maid-of-honor who has gone above and beyond to make sure my wedding will be perfect. Today I am enjoying the day, feeling spoiled and in love.

“I hope one day

you give your heart

to someone

and they will hold it tight

as if it’s their own

I hope one day

wake up

and have something

or someone to live for

I hope one day

you can go to bed

smiling without a worry

in the world

I hope one day

the battle is over

and you’ve won

I hope one day

you meet someone

who makes you realize

how beautiful you truly are”


I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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