Motivation Monday “Someone once told me not to bite off more that I could chew. I said i’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity”

So I have to admit, I took my stoller tire in yesterday and got it fixed. No more flat. I also came home and went on a 4.6mile hike but I only ran 2 miles of it. Thats progress, right? Two miles were going up hill and .6 were flat that I walked. I could feel my buttocks growing as I was pushing my stoller up the hill, or at least I liked that thought!

I came home and had a little post workout organic cheese stick and took baby swimming, in her bathtub, in the yard. Baby is just starting to get teeth and munching has become a constant thing. She always wants somethingi n her mouth. However, she is not fond of frozen teething rings and neither am I! So instead, I use fresh picked carrots and peas from our garden. She loves to munch on carrots. They are hard enough she can’t bite through it but it still helps to sooth her gums. She also likes to munch on pea pods. I like this for several reasons. 1. it helps sooth her when her mouth hurts. 2. she is learning that vegetables are GREAT! 3. She is not chewing on silicone or chemicals. 4. Hopefully she will continue her love of veggies.

I have found that as she munches, I have been munching too. I pick her a carrot, and me one! Munching does not have to be a bad thing! Keep it healthy and keep portion contol in mind! Here are some of my favorite munchies:

  1. Fresh Garden veggies (obviously!) I literally stand in the garden and eat peas!
  2. Cheese Sticks, after a good workout
  3. celery with PB2 sprinkled on it. (I am not a huge fan of PB2 but it works for this and I need to use up my jar)
  4. Popcorn with PB2 sprinkled on it
  5. green tea with cinnnamon (great for late night cravings)
  6. Gin-Gins (not healthy but a great treat!)
  7. Blueberry, raspbery, mango, unsweetened coconut milk smoothie

I am stong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am a muncher!


Anne Nicole


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    1. It is a chewy ginger candy. check it out at thrive market or most whole food type grocery stores. Sounds kinda gross but they are delish, not super healthy though.


      1. I’ll have to check those out. I love ginger.


      2. you will be addicted! I love them


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