“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”. 

We made it! 922 miles from door to door. It was a long day in the truck but we are glad to be home now. Baby did amazing traveling! She was very content playing with her elephant and sleeping, gnawing on a few carrots and playing pat-a-cake. Tyler and I are so happy to be unpacking for a final time! My soul is happy today 😊. I have moved about every 6 months for the past 6 years going back and forth from Oklahoma to wyoming. It is time for some settlement! I was unpacking bags yesterday that I had not seen in years. 

Tyler and I also unpacked all of our wonderful wedding gifts. We were so excited to use them! We officially can get rid of our college dishes!! Our first trial was our juicer! 

  This thing is awesome! We threw in an apple, an orange, two bug carrots, and some grapes. Delish! πŸ˜‹ we will be using this a lot I am sure. We have not ever bought store juice due to processing and additives so it is nice to be able to make our own. The only drawback here is it takes a lot of clean up. 
Tyler enjoyed the pulp too. I need to find some good pulp recipes so I can use it! I will let you all know what I find! 

Hope you all have a blessed, healthy weekend!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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  1. Akhil Jain says:

    Hope you enjoy many healthy juices


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