The recipe I forgot yesterday & a workout 

As I was sitting down after supper last night I had a “oh shit” moment. I told you all I would give you my zucchini hash recipe at the bottom of yesterday’s post and I never put it in there! No big deal, but kind of funny! So here it is today: 

1 zucchini grated 

1-2 eggs depending on size of veg. 

1/2 sleeve crackers of your choice (my husband likes his made with saltines. I like mine with Mary’s gone jalepeno crackers. He also likes more crackers than me)

Salt & pepper to taste 

In a mixing bowl, stir together all ingredients. Put a little butter or olive oil or coconut oil in the bottom of a pan and add mixture. Flatten out and let cook till golden brown, flip to other side and do the same. Put in a warm oven (300 or so) for about 15 minutes. 

Enjoy!! Add whatever toppings and seasoning your enjoy. I like mine with salsa 😋

On to my next promise: a workout! 

This one is fun, HIIT, & can be done anywhere! 

1-2 minutes medium jog

3-6 minutes do each exercise for 20 seconds: air squats, jumping jacks, hold plank, spider plank. 

7-10 minutes light jog

11-12 lunges 

13-14 light jog 

15-18 repeat minutes 3-6

19-21 medium jog

22-23 lunges 

24-26 light jog 

27-30 repeat minutes 3-6

31-32 cool down walking


This one will make you sweat! I am going to try it out at the new gym on one of the classes I will be teaching beginning October! I am also doing online training and nutrition coaching! If you are interested email me at 

Remember,by getting up and moving you are lapping everyone who is sitting at the desk or on the couch. Do this for you! Do this cause it feels good! Do this to make them stare! Do this for your beautiful soul

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 


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