Harvest time

“don’t let your mind control your body, let your body control your mind. Your mind will quit ten times before your body does” 

Rise and grind: 8 sets: 15/ side plank hip dips, 30 glute  bridges, 10/side back lunges, 10 push ups, 5 burpees 

And after that I have to shovel out the horse barn. Great exercise also! I like to include common chores in my exercise. Turn a nasty chore into a calorie torching activity for you and the kids! 

It’s a beautiful morning on the farm. Today marks the first day of corn harvest for us! Harvest time brings about so many feelings when you live in the midst of it. I feel a hint of fall and comfort foods, early brisk mornings and late starry skies, good hearted men and women feeding the land. Harvest is a time of reflection on the year and reward for a job well done. My soul is happy and my heart is full. I generally drive grain carts and make meals during harvest. I make meals that the men can eat while on the tractor so they don’t have to stop cutting. I bring he food right out to the field. Today the men are getting pork sandwiches, red potato wedges & oatmeal peach bars. Not exactly the top notch healthy meal but these men need energy, protein, & a full belly. Pork out does chicken in protein content, peaches are great instant carbs and energy as are potatoes. 

I am getting the hang of being a farm wife! I have a lot to learn but each day I have the opportunity for that. 

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. 


Anne Nicole


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