Rise & grind: 12/side plank hip dips, 30 glute bridges, 6 burpees, 50 flutter kicks, 10 jump lunges 

It’s Monday!! 

Time to begin a new week full ad adventure, meet new goals, & get a hair cut. This week I  going to be positive, outgoing, & efficient. I like to make new goals every Monday morning to start the week off on the right foot. Just and few simple goals to keep me on track to my monthly ones. 

1. Stretch everyday

2. Mail my wedding thank you cards

3. Drink enough water!!!!

4. Hit my nutrition with no cheats (like a whole batch of cookies!) 

It’s simple things that keep me motivated to push on through my fitness lifestyle. I love seeing results in myself. I know that if I can do it, I can help someone else do it too. I have been making workouts for winter clients and I can’t wait to share some of them with you all! 

Now go get a big cup of coffee, take a deep breath, & and take on this Monday! 


Anne Nicole 


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  1. I like the “rise and grind” sentiment – keep inspiring


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