Don’t be duped 

It’s Wednesday! Wake up and smell the new day. it is a great day to be healthy, beautiful, and soulful. 

I put my workout at the bottom today because I wanted you all to read this first! 

Everyday I see a lot of girls. On Instagram, Facebook, wordpress, a the store, at the gym and so on. These girls are not just your regular girls. They are fit girls. Girls eating lean cuisine for lunch and buying apples (that usually sit and rot). These are girls that wear their workout gear to the store (I’m very guilty of this) and can’t stop talking about that one trip to the gym. 

I applaud these girls. These girls are making an effort to better themselves & their families. These girls are lapping those who do not try at all. 

However, these girls need a little direction. Here are my directions: 

1. Stop it with the lean cuisine already!! Gross! How do you manage to eat that? Or does it just look good for an Instagram pic?! For reals, that food is not real. The chicken is separated and mushed back together with nitrates, there are normally an unmanageable amount of sodium and a list of chemical ingredients a mile long. Please EAT REAL FOOD. Don’t be duped by food labeling! 

2. Do not go out and buy the following items: gloves to lift in, fancy $120 leggings (if you can afford that thing, go for it. But so not necessary), ten blender bottles (who wants to eat liquid meals?!), Instagram followers, or a fake tan. Trust me when I say, you can get fit without these items. 

3. Things you will need: water bottle (a big one, sticker it, color it or whatever, make it yours. Carry it like a map! Do not leave home without it), shoes that fit YOUR foot (these may not be the cool ones but importance here is that they truly fit), hair ties, nice sports bras. That’s it shoes, water, and a bra: all of life’s necessities! 

4. Truly be YOU! Do not try to be like every other girl on Instagram and Facebook, set yourself apart. Make this journey about your life and not about social media!! 

5. If this is what you want, go whole heartedly. Get your family involved. 

6. Read, read, read!!! You can always learn more! Never get to a point where you think you know it all. Continue to learn and grow. 

7. My all time fave, you have heard it before, LET YOUR SOUL SHINE. You are beautiful, tell yourself that! You are a woman of power and grace. Keep it classy. 

To everyone, get out there and make today amazing! My soul is happy and my coffee is hot 😜 

I  am strong. I  am beautiful. I am capable. I am powerful. 


Anne Nicole

Rise & grind: 30 seconds each walking planks (begin in push up position, walk up till your feet are about a foot from your hands and lift each leg once, walk back down and lift each leg once. Repeat.), back lunges, burpees, sumo calf raises, oblique plank dips right, oblique plank dips left, rest repeat five times. 

My coffee today: 

1/2 c unsweetened coconut milk 

1 tsp honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

Warm the above ingredients and stir. Add coffee till cup is brimming! 


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