Keepin’ it real

Rise & run today! I am headed out for a quick run then home to make a family breakfast. 

It has been a blessed weekend here! We have been surrounded by great friends all weekend & had a fire last night. 


We also enjoyed some great food this weekend! Grilled steaks, sweet corn, grilled pizza (yes I grill everything! Tyler and I love to try new things), & homemade ice cream from Tyler’s grandpa were a few of our treats! Some weekends we get lax on nutrition & it’s ok! We still stick to real food. We didn’t binge on sweets and chips and processed junk, we keep it real 😎 see the difference? Even our grilled pizza was made completely from scratch so we had control of what we ate.

And I case that wasn’t enough food talk, how about this larabar? 

Uber dark chocolate and raspberry flavor. Almonds, cashews, dark chocolate, brown rice syrup, dates, dried raspberries, honey, Apple powder and sea salt. 

200 calories: 19g carbs, 3G fiber, 5g protein, 12g fat, 11g sugar. 

I give it a 7.  Better than most but for sure! I like that I know every ingredient, not fond of the brown rice syrup (sugar) but it is less than most bars. Real ingredients matter. This bar tastes amazing but I would not suggest it for kids or as a meal bar. This is more of a dessert bar. 

Keep it real. I am string. I am capable. I am powerful. Ian beautiful. 


Anne Nicole 

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