Living in a Sugar Coated World

Rise & Grind: 5x – 20/side plank dips, 30 jumping jacks, 10/side side plank dips, 10 laying leg raises, 20 jump ropes, 10/side plank leg circles (go to plank position, lift your right leg and circle – one rep)

It is going to be a beautiful day here in the flat land! We have had rainy windy days for the past four days and I am looking forward to some sunshine. Heading out for a jog this morning with baby then home to work on some projects. Have you ever tried to work on crafty things with a baby? I am quickly growing patience!

I get a lot of questions about why I make all my baby food, why I don’t eat refined sugar, & how to pick out sugar on a food label. First off, I make my own baby food because then I know exactly what my baby is eating. I know what is added in and I know it is fresh. Would you really want to eat mashed carrots that have been in a jar for 6 months?! My baby is developing tastes quickly and I am doing the best I can to widen her palate. Since I do my own food, I get to play around with spices, pairing foods, and textures. It is healthier for her and I am hoping that old habits die hard!

Second, I do not eat sugar because I have an intolerance to it. I literally feel like my stomach is on fire. It has to do with also having a yeast intolerance. Sugar feeds yeast, yeast grows so on and so forth. This all began when I started breastfeeding. I have always had some intolerances but not near this bad! Also, If I eat sugar, I get sick, I feed baby, baby gets sick. We are thinking she has the same intolerances. Another reason why I do not eat sugar is that it is highly addictive and it comes from a lab. We all know how I feel about lab food, yuck! There is not one single reason why I should be eating refined sugar or why I should be passing it onto my child. This food intolerance is a huge blessing in disguise! Without sugar, I have more energy, clearer skin, healthier habits all around, & less cravings for crap food. This list could literally go on and on. Sugar sucks!

Third, how do I know there is no sugar in the food I am eating? Well, I read my food labels. Sugar can be listed by 100’s of names some of the most common are: Sugar, tapioca syrup, brown rice syrup, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, cane juice, cane sugar, coconut sugar, malt syrup, malodextrin, organic raw sugar, turbinado sugar, corn sweetener, rice bran syrup, sorghum syrup, sorghum, anything ending in -ose and so on!  This list can go on forever. I have learned that it can be hidden everywhere! I eat foods that either have 5 or less ingredients, foods that I know all of the ingredients, or just REAL food! Veggies, fruit, meat is the main staple of our diet! We do not keep a lot of processed foods around here. If we need anything ‘boxed’ I generally make it from scratch.

You can go sugar free, it just takes some time to learn and to adjust! Do not go cold turkey, go slow, you will enjoy the ride! Like I always say, eating REAL food is the key to health. So many of our food like items in the store are there for the sole purpose of making someone money. Food like products are not there to keep you healthy, living or full.

Tomorrow I will distinguish the difference between glucose, sucrose, fructose, and so on! Why fruit is different than table sugar and a new recipe!!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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