The fridge is stocked… what?!

Rise & Grind: 15 min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) 40 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 mt. climbers,  20/side plank dips.

Good morning Sunshines!

It is actually dreary and rainy here but I am enjoying the sound of it as I write this. Every once in awhile a rainy day does a soul good. After all, “Rain is just confetti from the sky”. I will get all the inside things done today that I have been putting off while it is nice outside. There is bootcamp workouts to be made, sinks to be cleaned (ugh), & food to be made.

It is going to be a great hump day!

Have you ever had that moment after you stock the fridge of, ‘now what the heck are we going to eat’ I do it all the time! I have so much food in the house and no idea what to cook with it. I like to get creative and just start throwing stuff in a pan until something comes of it. That is how my next recipe came about.

As promised yesterday, Here is a recipe that i can make with whats in my fridge/pantry.

Anne’s ‘fried’ Rice

1/2 cup broccoli pieces

1/2 cup green beans (I like to buy them fresh and use them or you can use frozen)

1/2 cup Peas

1/2 cup zucchini

2 TBSP chopped onion

1 cup Chicken, cut into little pieces

1/2 cup cooked brown long grain rice

Low sodium soy sauce or teriyaki


  1. Mix together the broccoli, green beans, peas, zucchini and onion in a fry pan on the stove. Add enough water to just coat the bottom of your pan. turn on low and cover to let simmer until veggies are tender.
  2. In a separate pan, cook your chicken until done.
  3. Add the veggies to the chicken and add your spices. I like to use pepper, dash of salt, red pepper flakes, low sodium soy sauce or teriyaki.
  4. Turn the heat up so the veggies can get a nice sear on them. Add in your rice.
  5. Enjoy!

I ate this meal about 3 times a week in college. It was easy to make, healthy and doesn’t make a huge mess. I have also made it with beef, pork, or elk meat.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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