Tonight is parent’s party night

Rise & Grind: 60 jumping jacks, 50 mt. climbers, 40/side oblique crunches, 30 plank butt-ups, 20 push-ups, 10 burpees, 20 push-ups, 30 plank butt-ups, 40/side oblique crunches, 50 mt. climbers, 60 jumping jacks.

It is not quite Halloween yet but tonight marks unofficial parent’s party night! It seems like since Halloween is on a Saturday, all the grown up halloween shenanigans are happening tonight. As we have been discussing, halloween candy is hard to handle with little ones. We take so much time and care into doling out their candy piece by piece, buying their candy back or tricking them into giving it away (all of which I am for)! Like any other mom, I am not a fan of kids loading up on processed crap and being sick.

But, Parents what if tonight when you went out your little one doled out your beers (only one per night, mommy), or “hey mom I will buy that beer from you for 5 cents then take you to the dollar store instead, “Dad, That chip dip is not good. let me just take that for a second and bring you an apple”, “mom, we don’t eat fried party appetizer food in this house. Here have a baked zucchini slice”

Not so fun anymore, huh?!

Now, like I said last week, everyone now and again it is good to go out and let lose. Cheating on your nutrition is not bad every now and again. To keep your night as fun and healthy as possible, follow these party tips!

  1. For each alcoholic drink, drink one bottle of water. So your night goes as follows: beer, water, beer, water etc…. If you are not drinking, stick to water! If you are drinking soda, also drink water between.
  2. Eat something healthy before you go on your outing. Leave the house munching on an apple or some toasted ezekiel bread with avocado. Don’t show up starving, you will end up eating a lot more appetizer food.
  3. When you do hit the appetizer table, First fill half your plate with veggies even spring for some veggie dip. Then go towards fruits or whole grains. Lastly add on a little treat.
  4. Walk in like you own the place. Say what?! I’m serious here! put your arm in your spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends and walk in with an attitude. (Don’t be arrogant). Coming into a social situation with confidence can help you stick to your healthy guns. People will ask, “wow, how did you get so fit”, “Hey, you two look great”. People are much more apt to say things as such when you present yourself with a shining soul and confident smile. You can then reply with, “Thanks, we try hard to be healthy”, “Thanks, this rise & grind workout is just really doing it for me” or “Thanks, I am happy to be out and have a break from working hard”. So you strike up a conversation about your lifestyle and you are less likely to be unhealthy while talking about health!
  5. Dance! Take your partner for a spin, or two, or ten!
  6. Keep in mind, you are no longer in college. While you may still be able to get it on like you are, recovery will be brutal! No one wants to go trick or treating with someone who is hungover, so please be safe! Drink responsibly!

Have any other great tips?! post them in the comments! I would live to hear what you all have planned for this holiday.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. jlstanding says:

    Awesome tips! I think I definitely needed number four. I will be at a gathering of people who don’t live a similar lifestyle to me, and I know I just need to own it!


  2. I love making veggie dips and playing horror board games every Halloween. But also treating yourself is not forbidden! When you eat mostly healthily it’s not bad to indulge once in a while. I actually hate the word cheating. Better to plan and allow treats, it can also greatly reduce the risk of ortorexia and other eating disorders. At least Halloween is only once a year 🙂

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