Thirsty Thursday

Rise & Grind: Grab a deck of cards and do the following exercises for each suit. Hearts: Mt. Climbers Diamonds: Burpees Spades: Squats Clubs: Glute Bridges. Now re-shuffle and do this set – Hearts: Jumping Jacks Diamonds:Russian twists spades: plank jacks Clubs: calf raises

Hope everyone’s Thursday is off to a great start! I know mine is, I am ready to take on this busy day with my goals in mind. I am thirsty this morning. In college, Thirsty Thursday was a thing. Every Thursday it gave kids a reason to be crazy. But today, I am thirsty for something else. I am thirsty for some Motivation!

I Listed a few of my favorite motivational quotes for you all.

“Passion is pushing myself when there is no one around”-Ryan SHay

“Prove yourself to yourself, not to others”

What is your favorite form of motivation?!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

Need more motivation? Check out my instagram @annefittrainer


One Comment Add yours

  1. pixieannie says:

    Great post, Anne Nicole, loving your energy today. What a fantastic idea, I love the thrill of not knowing what is coming next.


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