Let’s be honest & there is a FREE prize involved!

Rise & Grind: 45 sec on/15 sec rest of the following: Jumping jacks, push-ups, sumo squats, Mt. climbers, curtsy lunges, plank hold, reverse plank dips, burpees, Russian twists, high knees. 10 mins total. Repeat 2x for a 20 min workout.

Welcome to Friday! Woohoo! I have to push through and run today and I will have ran 6 days in a row. I will have also strength trained 5 days in a row after today. This week I have been knocking it out of the park on workouts. How did your week go?After my run last night, I snap chatted my husband (yep, we snapchat!) a selfie and told him I was headed home. After taking the photo, I thought, “wow, I do not look like one of those cute I just worked out girls”.

Let’s be honest! I had sweat all over, my hair was in my face and no makeup.

I think a lot of times we get to know people over social media and envision a perfect body, 6 pack abs, nice hair, makeup always done, put together person. Well, sorry to break your vision but that’s not me! My hair is usually in a messy ponytail, i hardly ever wear makeup, and well my abs are a work in progress. I am real woman!

I will admit, I am in very good shape. I am not dissing on my body in any way! I am very proud of my body. Every woman should celebrate who she really is. Do we all need to look like instagram models? Probably not!

And to be honest again, my husband would be happiest if I never wore makeup, wore my hair straight down and had on boots everyday. He likes to keep it simple and I like that!

And to be honest once again, I am the biggest ambassador for eating REAL food but about 15% of the time I eat some not so real food too! It is all about moderation and balance!

So what’s your honest moment today? Share one honest moment or truth and be entered to win a prize from me!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. theleonb says:

    Girl, I get it. I am never “Instagram” fabulous and if I am it is a very special occasion. If we are being honest, I am lucky if I get to shave my legs more than once every 6 months. Then even more unlikely if I get to shave without a kid and pup watching me. Then I am more likely kicked out of the tub.

    I started my weight loss journey and went to the gym to see all these girls in the cutest outfits with perfect hair and make up and just walked out because I was no match.

    I was in the army.. We didn’t have any of that cuteness. There wasn’t a such thing of being pretty in a week worth of filth and day to day activities.

    Now that I am getting my health back it back to the good ol days that a workout isn’t complete if my skin isn’t blotchy, hair a mess, slight stench, and I’m walking like a sloth. 🙂

    You are beautiful without all that superficial stuff 🙂


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