Monday Musing

Rise & Grind: 45 on/15 rest of the following: burpees, plank dips, jumping jacks, squats, high knees. repeat. Then do the following set 5x: 40 Mt. Climbers, 15/side laying leg raises (lay on one side with legs stacked on top of each other, lift top leg up to 90 degrees and back down), 25 plank butt ups, 10 curtsy lunges/side.

Good Morning!

Ahhh……Monday. A day to begin a great week! Accomplish new goals and drive my new car! Yep, we bought a new car this weekend. I have never owned a car before. I drive a big ol Dodge Ram 2500 from 2001 and I love it! I needed a mom ride though so we got a 2016 Ford explorer and it is awesome! It looks pretty slick out here on the farm. My husband said only 15mph on the dirt road till I get to the highway, got to keep the black looking shiny!

I am super motivated this week to reach goals and have a healthy week. I am loving running and my quick at home strength workouts. If you are to, e-mail me at for more!

This week my motto will be, “There is sunshine in my soul today”

We like to grill on Sunday nights and start the week with a healthy meal. Last night we had grilled pork chops, roasted sweet potatoes, and corn. Delicious!

Some other meals I am planning this week are, grilled chicken with green beans & zucchini hash, quesadillas with our leftover pork or chicken (I like to use ezekiel tortillas) with peppers, onions and raw veggies as a side (we eat a lot of raw carrots, cukes, peppers, and celery as meal sides), & maybe a meatloaf with roasted red potatoes and broccoli.

What are you eating this week?

Have a fabulous week! New recipes tomorrow and a new workout move!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful


Anne Nicole


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