Excuses, Excuses

Its HUMP DAY!! You made it to the middle of the week!

Last night was my second to last night of bootcamp and my husband was cutting Milo so I had to take baby to bootcamp with me. I made the workout possible to have baby along and it worked out awesome! We did the following set:

1/3 mile run (that is how long one lap of our local park is), 10sumo squat calf raises, 15/side  oblique toe taps, 10 push-ups, 15/side russian twists, 10 plank squats, 6 twisted push-ups, 30 sec. plank hold (repeat 6x for a total of 6 sets and 2 miles)

Baby happily rode in the stroller while we ran and watched us do our sets. Near the end she began to get a little fussy but we talked to her, sang lullabys while we planked and I took her out to stretch with us at the end. She loves being apart of it and I like having her watch while we workout. Monkey see, monkey do (hopefully!!)

I am not a fan of letting little excuses get in my way. I like to make things work even if I have to change the plan. So many people that I talk to complain of not having time to workout. Well honestly, you probably don’t have time right now. But, if you make it a priority in your life, you will have time. I suggest looking at your day and writing out what you did hour by hour. Is there something you could replace with a workout? Did you waste a lot of time? What are your real priorities?

There are so many quick 20 min. workouts that anyone can benefit from! Getting up 20 minutes early in the morning is not as bad as it sounds. Not a morning person? How about on your lunch at work? Use 20 minutes to get in a quick set and you still have 40 minutes left to eat. After work? After the kids go to bed? With the kids after school? Before you make dinner? While you make dinner (I have done it before!)

The options are endless! Don’t let little excuses ruin what you want. If you make it a priority in your life, the time will open up. And as always, Eat REAL! Takes no extra time and is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.

Go our today and make yourself proud of yourself! After all, your only competition is you!

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


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  1. pixieannie says:

    This is brilliant, Anne Nicole. Love that she was involved. After all, your wellbeing affects her. x

    Liked by 1 person

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