Confidence Can Be a Key

Rise & Grind: AMRAP in 25 minutes: 10 Burpees, 12 Plank squats, 10/side one leg glute bridges, 30/leg Mt. climbers, 15 squats with toe raise, 45 sec. plank hold.

I read a post this morning about having confidence at any weight or size and losing weight to be healthy not hot. It made me think of some of the conversations I have had with ladies who are wanting to lose weight.

  1. “I really want to add to add tone and lose fat, I need to look good in a dress in two months” This one is something I hear all the time! First off, you may be adding muscle tone and not losing fat, this is possible. Eating a real diet will help with the fat, working out will help with the tone. Having confidence prior to beginning will help with both! If you are confident you are more likely to stick to a healthly lifestyle, more likely to go to the gym, & more likely to discuss your progress with others.
  2. “I want to get Hot” Ladies, Hot is never something that you should be striving to be referred to as. If your goals resemble, “Get Hot”, “Look like a fox, or “Be beautiful” you need to revamp your goals. Sadly many women think they need to be hit on by men to feel beautiful. If you have goals like the ones above, you will not feel you have met your goals until you are called one of those things in a social setting. Tell yourself you are beautiful or Hot or a fox. You are your own judge, no one else. If you go to the gym on day one thinking you are a fox, just imagine what you will feel like on week 12?

That is my advice for this Wisdom Wednesday. Confidence can be your best friend on weight loss, toning up, or getting fit journey. You must believe in yourself first then others will follow. Repeat the following words to yourself each day and let your soul shine on!

I am strong. I am confident. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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