Hold Your Own Picture

Rise & Grind: AMRAP 25 mins – 10 push-ups, 10 lunge jumps, 30 Russian twists, 25 jumping jacks, 15 plank butt ups, 10 sumo squats.

Weight loss is a goal. Tone is a goal. Smaller jeans is a goal. Bigger muscles is a goal. Health is a journey. Health is a lifestyle choice. Health is how you live. Health is your overall being, inside and out.

Inside & Out. That means overall appearance in not necessarily relative to health. The skinnier you are does not mean you are healthy. Did you know that a lot of skinny humans actually struggle with their own health issues, just as an over weight human would. They may be skinny but that is not all they have going for them. Malnutrition, lack of muscle tone, lack of strength, lack of adequate body fat. On the other hand, some over weight humans are generally healthy.

I am not saying this goes for every person! I am saying health goes beyond our outer appearance. Never judge someones work ethic, health, or lifestyle by how they look.

Each frame fits a different picture in your house, just like each body must be filled differently. One mans healthy is another mans obese. Take me for example, I am 5′ 1″ and weigh 105. I have quite a bit of muscle tone and fit size 24 jeans. I am healthy for my body. Take my husband, he is 6′ 5″ and weighs 155. He also has quite a bit of muscle but is much leaner. If I was 155 would I be healthy too? Probably not! If he was 105 would he be healthy? Nope! You can not compare your 5×7 frame to another womans 8×10, they do not fit the same picture! Both are beautiful yes, but different.

So ladies, when looking at other girls’ stats remember to take into consideration your own frame. You were meant to hold your own picture, not another beings picture!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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