Get with it ‘Fitmoms’! (A substitutes observations)

Rise & Grind: 45on/15rest – Jumping Jacks, Plank dips, Sumo Squats, Mt. Climbers, Russian Twists, Burpees, Laying leg lifts, Glute bridge pulses, jump squats, jumping jacks. (10 mins, repeat for 20 mins)

SO yesterday was not 23 days from Christmas, it was 22. OOPS! I realized that while subbing a class of 7th graders. I told them “23 days!” They replied with “No, 22 Days!” Anyway, Challenge still on!

Today-Sunday: First thing in the morning – 30 Jumping Jacks, 11 squats, 35 Russian Twists (per side), Plank as long as possible, give yourself 3 compliments, drink a glass of water, enjoy your day!

I learned more than just the date yesterday while subbing. I had three classes writing a paragraph about what makes them happy and three classes watching a movie (all 7th & 8th graders).  Here is my observations:

  1. I know some of the moms in this town, they are all beautiful, well kept, & fit. They are full of faith, joy, & their lives revolve around their kids. They are typical fit moms. So why are they sending their kids to school with bags of chips, full cans of pringles, & a giant bag of candy to eat while watching a movie?! Not one single child came in with a decent snack. I realize it is not cool to eat apples and snack on veggies, but really?! We can do better than an entire bag of chips!
  2. I have fully decided etiquette & life skills is a needed class. To learn things such as proper ways to dress yourself for men & women, proper ways to apply makeup (although, I do not think a girl that young should be wearing it at all), basic manners, proper english, how to tie your shoes & so on.
  3. Almost every single kid wrote that family makes them happy in their paragraph (they had to pick 3 things). However, almost all of them said they would like more family time also. Just let that sink in.
  4. Out of the almost 100 kids that I saw yesterday, over 35% were overweight or obese. This breaks my heart. That makes a long life for a child who is only 12.
  5. I heard 6 girls, age 12-13, call themselves fat.
  6. I heard 2 boys, age 12-13, call themselves fat.

Step up parents!! We can do better than this! Children should never be fat shaming themselves! Self confidence needs to be grown in the home. It is like a plant, you must water it daily or it will fade away. While I do not agree with children being overweight, I also do not agree with 12 year olds hating their bodies. Take the kids to the gym with you, take them to the park, get moving and FEED THEM REAL FOOD! Grow confidence in your home. Your child needs it!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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