Body advice from a man

It is a beautiful day to be beautiful.

Last night my husband and I were talking about a friend who very is self conscious. I was telling him how I wished she could see how beautiful she really is and appreciate her body. He said, “She needs to gain some weight” Yes, ladies!  GAIN!

My husband said it would be hard for a significant other to be with a self conscious person. He told me I am, at times, too self conscious. He said he wished I could see my body the way others do, or the way he does.
I wish I could too! There is times when I feel like a can of busted biscuits and I know that I am not! But, It is hard to see your body for what it is because we are so judgmental of ourselves. We see cookie cutter beauty on TV and in magazines.

We must realize that each time we see a beautiful body, it is beautiful because of who it is on. Each person redefines beauty in their own way.

Ladies, Trust your men when they tell you that you are beautiful. Beauty is a mix of who you are, how you move, your smell, the way your hair falls on your shoulders, how you are goofy, or happy, or sassy. Beauty is so much more than our body. It is hard to be let beauty shine from our souls when we have a bad image of our bodies in our head.

I need to get better about seeing my body for what it is, how about you?!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

CHALLENGE STILL ON! Today is: 30 Jumping jacks, 11 squats, 35 russian twists/side, plank as long as possible, give yourself 3 compliments, drink a glass of water, enjoy the day!


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