Conquer the Tired Days

Rise & Grind: 30 sec on/10 rest – Glute bridges, Jumping Jacks (x3), Plank leg lifts, Jump squats (x3),  Leg extensions (R), leg extension pulse (R), Leg extensions (L), Leg extension pulse (L), High Knees (x3), Roll up crunches, Split jumps (x3).

Whew! Is it Monday already?

Bring it on! I am ready to conquer this Monday. I am a little sleep deprived today. I have been staying up late watching the National Finals Rodeo. It is 10 rounds, so that means 10 days of staying up till midnight (my usual bed time is about 9:30).

A little sleep deprivation won’t stop me though. A lot of times when people get a little low on sleep, they turn to junk food, junk drinks, or lazy days to catch up. Not on my clock! On days like this when I am tired, I have few methods to get me through!

  1. Begin my morning with a little workout. This gets my blood pumping and heart racing before my mind can tell them they are tired! A morning workout also brings you motivation through out the day and more energy.
  2. Stay away from sugar. This may be the opposite of what others do but, it works for me. Turning to sugar when you are already tired can lead to major mood swings.The crash you will get can throw off your game more than usual when you are already dragging. Going from sugar high to tired/sugar crash does not sound fun to me!
  3. Reach for the green tea. If I am going to work, I bring some with me in a thermos. If I am at home, I like to brew a cup mid morning. This keeps away tired cravings and gives me a little boost. I like mine with cinnamon and just a dab of organic honey.
  4. Mid-afternoon movement. When you get off work and all you want to do is lay down but you still have a list of things to do, give yourself 15 mins of movement. Do a quick workout to re-motivate and re-stimulate your body. This will give you enough energy to keep going the rest of the day. (My pre-resolution challenge would be great for this! It is listed at the bottom of this post!)
  5. Pack healthy snacks. Eating poor when you are tired only makes it worse! Many people reach for unhealthy snacks cause they are craving and their body is weak at this time. Instead of giving in, reach for some dried plain fruit, whole nuts, hummus & veggies, berries, apples, or some greek yogurt with honey. These will give you a little boost and your waist line won’t mind either!
  6. Drink water. Lots of water. Half your body weight in ounces. This will keep your innards happy and keep your energy levels higher. And Bonus, You will have to keep getting up to pee, so you won’t be falling asleep at your desk.

Conquer this Monday! Let your soul shine today.

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am capable.


Anne Nicole

Challenge Today-Friday: 40 Jumping Jacks, 14 squats, 40 Russian twists(per side), plank as long as possible, give yourself 3 compliments, drink a glass of water, enjoy your day!



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