Throwback Thursday

Rise & Grind: 20 plank jacks, 15 Sumo squats, 10/leg reverse plank leg lifts, 10 tri-cep dips, Run one lap (around your house, around the block, up the drive, What you can do!) repeat x6.

This week is flying by! I can’t believe it is already Thursday!

Since it is, I am going to do a little throwback Thursday. For those of you who are not familiar with me yet, here is a little back story, in a long story short version!

At the ripe age of 8 I was told I had severe asthma due to my allergy to horses. Yes, horses! I was an avid rodeo girl, still am, and was devastated. My mom even more so! I was given a portable nebulizer that I was told to do 3x a day, two inhalers, antihistamines, & prednisone.

By age 10, I could not eat. I was puking up everything. The Dr. added acid reflux & H.Pylori to my list of problems. They gave me a z pack and sent me home. That worked for about a month and I was back to being sick. Then My mom found Manuka Honey, lifesaver!

Skip ahead to age 19, I was in college, on the rodeo team, working two jobs and taking 23 hours at school. I was maxing myself out! I ended up in the ER twice in the spring due to asthma. I was now doing my  nebulizer 8x a day, being given prednisone like it was tylenol, and had two inhalers. I came home in the spring and my mom could tell I was sick by the way I looked. I could not go around the block without a nebulizer. I couldn’t sleep more than four hours. I was in the ER another time at a rodeo and she was calling the Dr. They all said the same thing, more steroids. Stop rodeoing. your killing your daughter.

Then we found The West Clinic! Hallelujah!

I was slowly taken off all the steroids. given IV nutrient therapy to heal my immune system. PEMF magnet therapy on my lungs, shock therapy, & had over 80 shots. We did shots on my nerve endings to restimulate them. So worth it! This was not an overnight fix, It took Dr. J some time to heal me. He tried things on me he hadn’t on others, and he saved my life.

I am now off all traditional care drugs. I am healthy, happy, and have my life back. So here is a little throwback from traditional Dr care to holistic Care.

Think before you chose your method of healing! Traditional Medical care often creates clients. The pharmacy industry is a wicked scene to say the least!

I am stong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am a believer in alternative care.


Anne Nicole



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