Natural Cold Remedies

Rise & Grind: Card workout all about the tone! Double the number on the card and do that many reps! Hearts – sumo squat calf raises, Diamonds – Side plank dips, Spades – Glute Bridge Pulses, Clubs – reverse plank leg raises, Ace & Jokers – 1 min plank hold.

It is finally the weekend and I am ready……to relax! I have a cold and it is running me down. I am not good at sitting at home and I have a hard time slowing down to let myself heal. I have a theory that I can sweat out the cold….HA! No, it does not actually get rid of the cold, just receives symptoms for awhile.

In terms of getting rid of the cold, I have been drinking Gypsy cold care & echinacea teas with raw honey. Yes they help, but I am in need of other remedies!

What are your go to cold remedies?

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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