Um….where are the parents?

Rise & Grind: 5 rounds – 10 push-ups, 30 jumping jacks, 15 sumo squats, 30/side plank dips, 30 glute pulses, 45 sec. hold plank.

Good morning!

As most of you are aware, I have some strong opinions on children and nutrition. I also have strong opinions on being a parent. Yesterday I had the privilege of substitute teaching a 2nd grade class. Wow! My eyes were opened in several ways!

  1. First thing I noticed when my students came in was that a few of them reeked of cigarette smoke. This literally melts my heart in a terrible way! I feel for the poor children who are growing up in homes where they have to breath unclean air.
  2. Please give your children regular baths. Just saying…
  3. When a child is talking, they are telling you the most important things to them. I tried to be patient and listen to each child. My patients definitely need some work! These kids were so patient with me as I tried to figure out the lesson plans that i kept goofing up. Not a single child every lost it with me, they just kept helping me.
  4. Lunch time! I had 2 kids out of 16 pack home lunches. They were not any healthier than the school lunch unfortunately. For lunch the kids were fed fried chicken nuggets, white box potatoes with white gravy, peaches, green beans, & chocolate milk. To my surprise, 8 out of 14 who got school lunch ate their green beans! I would not want my kids eats this meal however.

Where are you parents? Why does your kids health come as a back up to everything else? Our children should be the front runners in any situation we are approched with!

I am strong. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am powerful.


Anne Nicole


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