Mediocre or a Master?

Rise & Grind: 50 Jumping Jacks, 12 push-ups, 12 squats (with weight, if able. Even a heavy object around your home can work!) Do this 3x As quickly as possible. Next: 10 KB Rows/side (Again, you can use other heavy objects), 12 leg lifts, 5 Burpees, 10 tricep dips with KB, 20/side spider plank, 20 sec. high knees. repeat 5x. Happy sweating!!

Hello Monday!

Can’t believe it is already half way through January! I have been thinking about my resolutions a lot lately. As I said yesterday, I have been scattered! Should I focus in on one thing and become a master or do several things and be mediocre at each?

I want to be the master! This doesn’t mean I have to give up everything else, I just have to think of my resolutions as lifestyle changes. Take each one as a separate goal and go for it!

I find that it is much easier for people to stick to plans if they think of them as their life instead of just a hobby. When speaking with ladies about working out, I always stress that it must become a part of their day, a part of their week, a part of them. If they hate it, it won’t last. If they are going to the gym just till they reach a short term goal, it won’t last. One must keep striving past each goal. I like to celebrate each little goal but the main story is how much your life is improving by changing your habits.

So yes, I want to master one resolution at a time while still balancing being every girl that I am! It’s about the whole picture, the whole life.

Are you going to change this year? Need help, contact me! or on here! I do online nutrition and fitness plans. This time next year you could be at your goals weight, your goal physique, your goal health status.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole

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