Happiness in your own soul

Rise & Grind: 10 Burpees, 15 Jumping Jacks, 20 sec. high knees. x2. Followed by: 12 squats with weight (KB), 10/side russian twists w/KB, 25 Glute bridges w/KB, 40 Mt. climbers, 15 plank squats, 10 woodchopper w/KB. x7

Welcome to another productive day. My body is saying sweats and relaxing but my mind says no (and I have to sub. teach today so….ya no sweats for me).

After returning form holiday break we have been talking a lot about being happy in our house. Being happy as spouses, as parents, and as ourselves. We are quickly learning that sometimes what we thought we wanted was in fact not what we needed at all.

My soul is a traveler. It wants to roam the world, go rodeo, go hiking, go see the sites. My husbands is more of home body. It wants to be wild and crazy, at home. We are both very good at putting everything before our self and ending up feeling a little exhausted.

It is easy to wear out our energy before we think of what we need for our own souls. We have both decided that we need to be happy with ourselves.

He purchased me a bike trailer, and I have to say, “way to go hubby”. I love it, because I can strap in baby and go biking and explore, where as before I only had the stroller (which has about 500 miles on it now, so we explored plenty with it). This makes my heart happy. He knows me all too well. Get me outside adventuring and I am a happy girl. This is a huge step in my balance between wife, mother, & self. Certainly my ‘self’ is the hardest to balance. He also has been talking about our journey to self sufficiency and making our garden! I love the thought of having nutrients outside our door. I always had a garden with my mom as a child.

The simple life seems to be where we connect at the moment, and we are running with it!

This new year, take some time out to make your own self happy. Do things that your soul has been wanting to do. Go places that make your head rush and your heart beat. This year is about you!

Tomorrow I will finally share another recipe and bring back some more fit tips!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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