Half way through ‘new me’ month

Rise & Grind: warm up with some jumping jacks, burpees, and dynamic stretching. Two times through a deck of cards: Hearts (x2, double the number of the face): Plank Squats, Diamonds: KB swings, Spades: Plie Squats with KB, Clubs: lying side leg raises (put KB on top of your leg). Ace & Joker: 5 burpees.

We are half way through the month of ‘New Me’s’, New goals, and New lifestyles. I am proud to say that I am still as motivated to reach my goals as I was on Jan. 1. I have been searching out good books for my reading challenge, beginning to run again, and working on building strength.

How do I stay motivated for so long? Well, I want this really bad! I want this for me, I want this to prove to myself that I am capable, I want this so that when I am complete I feel like a badass (no lie, I love the feeling of completing a huge goal).

Lately my biggest challenge has been staying out of crappy food. After christmas, where I ate a lot of sugar, my body has been craving. I have been handling this by giving in every so often. I find that if I eat one bad thing, then the cravings go away and I am set. I do not need to binge or eat it for days, just one cheat. This is not bad, I am not mad at myself, I am human (we all are, realize that when you are on your goal road).

I recently saw this little picture about rules for kicking ass in life and I thought it was great for some new year motivation. My favorite is #1 closely followed by #8.

Stay motivated all you life changers! Think of how proud you will be when you reach the top of your mountain and how surprised others will be.

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole


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