Eating healthy can be cheap!

Rise & Grind: Pull out the cards! Hearts: KB swings (x2), Diamonds: leg extensions (each leg x2), Spades: plank leg lifts, Clubs: Plie squats w/KB. Do the deck x2!

Another day to shine! I am hoping we get some warmth here today to get outside with the baby! I like to get her some fresh air everyday, it’s good for the soul. Fresh air always makes me feel better, stronger, healthier, and overall refreshed. I can’t wait till summer when we can cook out and eat dinner on the porch. I try to be creative in the winter with my meals and keep them healthy. I find it is a bit of a challenge though in Jan. to not be making the same meals over and over. Also, have you noticed how expensive some veggies get in the winter?! That can lead to poor choices for some, but I am here to tell you that it does not have to!

Last night I made a pork loin, roasted brussel sprouts, and mac & cheese (don’t judge me here, my husband is trying to gain weight and he loves the stuff! I didn’t partake in the mac & cheese). If I were making the meal just for me, I would have made squash instead of the mac & cheese and still be at the same price. Anyway this meal, that has a lot of leftovers, only cost me around $10. Lets break it down:

Pork loin: $4.79

Brussels: $3.29 (I buy fresh but frozen works too)

Mac & Cheese: $1.79

Squash (to sub instead of mac & cheese): $2.00

Total: $9.87!! (total if I used Squash: $10.08) That is it! Plus I still have enough loin to make at least two more meals!

Who said eating healthy was expensive?!

It is so easy to eat healthy on a budget. I go through the store and always pick the veggies I can afford (one’s that are in season). You can also always buy frozen veggies this time of year. Our store does 10 bags for $10!

Eating on a budget is just knowing when you can afford certain products and when you can’t. However, you can ALWAYS eat healthy!

I am strong. I am capable. I am powerful. I am beautiful.


Anne Nicole



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